YAY me!!! INFP babyyyyy

 “When we put people in boxes where they can only be one or another, we miss the opportunity to see people as diverse as they are”

I strongly disagree with this statement for the reason that the MBTI isn’t meant to trap oneself. It’s meant to further understand who you are and be used to grow your sphere. By that I mean that the four letters given are merely a starting point to expand on. For example by being put in the Feeling Category, I now understand how I make decisions but also how I can make more well-rounded decisions. Now that I know I am more of a “feeler,” I can be aware that there is another angle I should look at things from. I will acknowledge that side of me, but before making any major decisions I will try to look at it from the “thinking” standpoint. I won’t trap myself to just making decisions  based on how I feel just because that is how I was told I make decisions-instead I now realize I just have to make that extra effort to look at if from another perspective. In addition, just because I am put in the “introvert” category does not mean I am going to avoid social situations or anything like that. I will make the effort to socializing but be able to acknowledge when enough is enough and it’s time for me to recharge alone. 

Being an INFP, my strengths include being passionate and devoted to things I really care about, working alone, solving challenges in creative ways, connecting with others, and being true to myself. And I love myself just the way I am! Although I may have weaknesses such as being semi-unorganized, overly analytical/emotional, and even holding grudges(it says)-I won’t get frustrated with myself. The MBTI is simply meant to help us understand ourselves better and identify ways in which we strive and other things we need to work on. It is SO important to not get stuck in the mud with “this is who I am” but instead say I am this way and it’s okay-there is always room to improve/change! Everyone is different and that is the beauty of life. 

Side note** Some people make view certain types more positively but that is their own opinion. They are looking at it from their own 4-letter combo way so it’s not necessarily how everyone else thinks. All 16 combos are perfectly legitimate and awesome in their own ways! Sure I maybe would rather be more extroverted but oh well! Just not me, and I am totally fine with that. There is a time and a place for each characteristic and we all will find where we fit! I personally loved finding out more about myself and felt the MBTI really helped me identify pieces of me I had not yet put into words. 

Live. Love. Laugh! Try not to over think it to much! We only have so much time… ❤



4 thoughts on “YAY me!!! INFP babyyyyy

  1. I adored your post! I really like your positive view of the test and how it should be used. You are so right about using it to grow and learn more about yourself. Love this perspective. Great post 😀

  2. Awesome post! I’m wondering though if we are set in our ways or if its possible to change? Not one combination of the MBTI is better than the other, but do you think we will keep our current 4 letter combo for the rest of our life, or if we took this same test 30 years down the road, would some aspects of the results change?

  3. I really enjoyed reading your post! I think it’s awesome that you are not going to let yourself just be in this box that many people think we are put into when taking this test. I admire you for really coming to terms with your strengths and weaknesses. It seems to me like you are a very understanding and passionate person and you try to look at the positives of everything! I’m really glad that this test was so helpful and exciting for you! It was for me too! 🙂

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