Good Karma

This video exemplifies compassion and how people should act! It connects to my values because one thing that is really important to me is “treat others how you would want to be treated.” It is so important to think about how you would feel if put in someone else’s shoes before you leave them hanging. It’s one thing for us to say yeah we would help someone cross the street or help them if their stuck in the snow but its another thing to actually do it. In speaking to my congruence, I will be honest that I don’t help every single person I see in need but as many as I can, I do. It makes me feel so good to be able to just do little things for people. This video really reiterates how much people need each other. How important it is to be empathetic, understanding, and not in a rush all the time!

I love this video because it shows that there are really a lot of good people out there. Even though it might have only taken these people a few minutes to help, they still did it without having to be asked. I connect to the fact that I have been in situations that I have needed someones help-from needing someone to hold the door, to being stuck in the snow. Sometimes people have been there and sometimes not. But it reminds me how thankful I was when people were there. This video just makes me want to be a better person for others.

To help me live the life of helping others-I try to take the time to reflect and remember what others have meant to me and just what is important to me. Its important to take the time to just be aware. Without it we/I would forget whats important and I might end up being one of those people that doesn’t take the time to stop and help those in need. I don’t want to be one of those people, I want to be one of the people worthy of being in this kind of video compilation.


6 thoughts on “Good Karma

  1. This made me want to cry. Very touching and soooo needed in today’s world of me. myself and I. Great post. Also we are in love with the same value 😀 empathy is awesome and unfortunately underrated and often misunderstood. :/ Really cool video 🙂 How did you first see it?

  2. This video is so awesome! It reminds me of the bystander effect, which says that if there is an problem like a kid in a crowded grocery store crying looking for his Mom, most people will ignore him because of diffusion of responsibility. People deflect responsibility instead of taking it on themselves. To be a leader, we need to act, and not rely on others to do our job.

  3. Awesome post! I wish we didn’t have to narrow it down to just a few values that we believe in because I can pretty much relate to everyone’s values. Helping people is so extremely important and I love the way it makes me feel and the effect it has on others. That is why I volunteer as much as possible and why I took part in youth group back in high school. It is an incredible feeling when you impact someone’s life with something as simple as talking to them or reading to them or bringing them food. There have definitely been times in my life when I needed help and someone gave it to me and I think it is important not to forget those moments. There are so many good, deserving people in the world and everyone should benefit from the kindness of other’s actions.

  4. I like this video too. It really reminds me of a time where I was driving with my mom. We saw an elderly man who was struggling to walk along the sidewalk. He tripped and feel into the street. My mom saw this and stopped the car, got out and walked across two lanes of traffic and helped the man to the sidewalk, stayed with him until the paramedics came. This was a very similar situation and it shows how great people are.

  5. Ah I really really like this video! 🙂 The multiple examples truly shows how easy it is to help others and the grand impact that it creates. It shows how much of a difference one person can make with a single selfless action.

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