Hilarious Video


This video is absolutely hilarious! I’m working on not being stressed about my paper due tomorrow and finals and I’m sure others feel the same so thought I’d share.

Also I can relate this to medicine. General Anesthesia is so bad for you! It’s effects can be long lasting and can really mess with your brain. Clearly it’s not the worst thing ever but I myself got local anesthesia when I got my wisdom teeth out. I believe in more alternative solutions and my interests are in herbal medicine. Obviously there are times and places where we cant just use herbals. But I think more people should consider local over general. 


Group Development

Video Clip 1 represents the norming stage. The team members (Channing Tatum especially =] ) really step up and work together in order not to loose one of their team members. There is a clear sense of teamwork and solidarity. Definitely seems like they’re all in it together even if maybe before they weren’t.

Video Clip 2 represents the adjourning stage. Goals are accomplished and the de-forming of the group begins. Although there wasn’t any negativity I think it is still an accurate depiction of adjourning/separation of a group.

Video Clip 3 represents storming because the two team members are clearly in conflict. This clip shows the struggle to work together and is filled with hostility.

Video Clip 4 shows the group performing to save Nemo! They show great teamwork and cohesion by thinking/acting fast.

So the missing step is forming. This video shows Lindsey Lohan in meangirls getting “initiated” and being told the social norms for the group. She seems pretty nervous because she doesn’t really feel like she fits in. 

My clip http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MqtXCRW5pmo shows the

Communication is key.

Every situation is different but the key to success is good communication. If there isn’t good communication, the end result will suffer. Many brilliant minds have horrible communication and in turn their ideas are not always shared/communicated in the intended way. From day one of elementary school we are taught to voice our opinions, our feelings, ect. However it is harder for some then others. The area few key ideas that should be followed…

Advice for communicating to groups and individuals:

1. LISTEN-The most important thing is to listen to every individual and hear them out weather in a group or not. If you don’t hear people out there is no way they will hear you out when the time comes and all sense of communication and respect with be lost.

2. Accept disagreement. It is okay to disagree!!! There’s no point in wasting time arguing. Simply agree to disagree and move on from there. 

3 . Be open-don’t hold back. Create a comfortable environment and let the conversation flow. Be respectful- even the smallest ideas can lead to something big. 

Addition advice for communication with individuals

1.Put yourself in their shoes, and see where they’re coming from. It is difficult at times to see the value in others ideas or put them into proper context. You must think about where their coming from and why they are suggesting what they are. 

2. Empathize, but be critical when necessary. Yes a leader needs to be kind and understanding but in order to receive respect, at times a leader must be brutally honest. To be critical you don’t have to be mean but it is crucial you don’t fear confrontation. Certain things must be pointed out and addressed. 

Additional advice for communicating with group:

1. Make sure everyone is heard. There must be some system of negotiations. Yes we have graduated from raising hands but the same principal applies. 

2. Think of the end goal and agree on it. If your not all on the same page then everyone will have their own direction and communications will lose context.

This I believe

Positivity http://thisibelieve.org/essay/16609/

What I love about Oscar Hammerstein is he encourages happiness. My mom always says to me “that every person has the ability and the right to be happy.” I have to learn to let the little things and be happy. I love that Hammerstein is talking about an abstract concept (emotion) and making it an action. He believes men should say when they are happy. Sometimes I myself want to scream out how happy I am. 

Hammerstein acknowledges that there are bad days and dark times. Sometimes I can relate to those who want to give up at times and feel like there is more bad then good. However, I have learned that that doesn’t help in the slightest bit if we admit defeat. I am one of those people that knows that in order to see the light in things we have to experience the dark. That is a very hard concept to grasp at times but I think he does a great job showing what it means to be optimistic, something I pride myself on being. He also comes at it from an internal point of view. How it starts in recognizing out own flaws and being okay with them and how that translates to the larger idea. He inspires me not only to be a better writer but also to be optimistic and be confident and see the light within all the darkness of life. “No one said it would be easy”


I believe in saving the world by saving nature. 

My belief is the world I live in is quickly being destroyed and the only way to save it involves determination, activism, radicalism, and perseverance. 

All my life I have loved nature, seen it as something very very special. I have been taught to love and thank the land for its offerings and importance. I have been taught to recognize how life revolves around the quality of the air we breath, the food we eat, and the water we drink. I thank my parents and all my teachers for showing me the value of the land. Unfortunately that land is being slowly destroyed. Every carbon emission, every pollutant, and every sliver of ignorance will destroy life as we know it.

I believe that sometimes we are blind. Sometimes I fail to do my part. Ignorance is most definitely bliss. It is so easy to just live life in all its amenities without thinking of the consequences. But my generation can’t do this anymore!!! It is blatantly obvious that we have already waited too long. Glaciers are melting, tornadoes more frequent, and storms of all types much more severe then ever before. It is wrong to deny that things are not getting worse. The signs of climate change are opening my eyes, all of our eyes. I know no good will come of ignoring the situation.  I am so blessed to live in such a beautiful world. The sun, the moon, and the earth all in perfect alignment. I must protect this harmony we call life.

I have to change. We have to change. It is very hard to accept that we may not fix the problems until it is too late. I believe we have a duty to educate all, and promote protection of resources, protection of other species, and honor the overall duty to protect this world for future generations to come. They need me to act now. They need others like me dedicated to the cause. I know I am not alone in these efforts but I must say that I wish there was more. I wish there were more people who took their material blinders off and looked deeper. I wish we were not destroying the essentials of my livelihoods. There are many injustices, wrongs to be righted, and other things that need fixing. We must be dedicated, we must be responsible, we must think ahead. I believe we can do it. 

I believe one person can make a difference. It is never to late, and there is no better time. There is no excuse not to act now. Yes, it seems like a huge task at hand and the starting place unknown but as long as we start somewhere-we can’t go wrong! I believe we must start now. Step by step, little by little we must act. 


Good Karma

This video exemplifies compassion and how people should act! It connects to my values because one thing that is really important to me is “treat others how you would want to be treated.” It is so important to think about how you would feel if put in someone else’s shoes before you leave them hanging. It’s one thing for us to say yeah we would help someone cross the street or help them if their stuck in the snow but its another thing to actually do it. In speaking to my congruence, I will be honest that I don’t help every single person I see in need but as many as I can, I do. It makes me feel so good to be able to just do little things for people. This video really reiterates how much people need each other. How important it is to be empathetic, understanding, and not in a rush all the time!

I love this video because it shows that there are really a lot of good people out there. Even though it might have only taken these people a few minutes to help, they still did it without having to be asked. I connect to the fact that I have been in situations that I have needed someones help-from needing someone to hold the door, to being stuck in the snow. Sometimes people have been there and sometimes not. But it reminds me how thankful I was when people were there. This video just makes me want to be a better person for others.

To help me live the life of helping others-I try to take the time to reflect and remember what others have meant to me and just what is important to me. Its important to take the time to just be aware. Without it we/I would forget whats important and I might end up being one of those people that doesn’t take the time to stop and help those in need. I don’t want to be one of those people, I want to be one of the people worthy of being in this kind of video compilation.

YAY me!!! INFP babyyyyy

 “When we put people in boxes where they can only be one or another, we miss the opportunity to see people as diverse as they are”

I strongly disagree with this statement for the reason that the MBTI isn’t meant to trap oneself. It’s meant to further understand who you are and be used to grow your sphere. By that I mean that the four letters given are merely a starting point to expand on. For example by being put in the Feeling Category, I now understand how I make decisions but also how I can make more well-rounded decisions. Now that I know I am more of a “feeler,” I can be aware that there is another angle I should look at things from. I will acknowledge that side of me, but before making any major decisions I will try to look at it from the “thinking” standpoint. I won’t trap myself to just making decisions  based on how I feel just because that is how I was told I make decisions-instead I now realize I just have to make that extra effort to look at if from another perspective. In addition, just because I am put in the “introvert” category does not mean I am going to avoid social situations or anything like that. I will make the effort to socializing but be able to acknowledge when enough is enough and it’s time for me to recharge alone. 

Being an INFP, my strengths include being passionate and devoted to things I really care about, working alone, solving challenges in creative ways, connecting with others, and being true to myself. And I love myself just the way I am! Although I may have weaknesses such as being semi-unorganized, overly analytical/emotional, and even holding grudges(it says)-I won’t get frustrated with myself. The MBTI is simply meant to help us understand ourselves better and identify ways in which we strive and other things we need to work on. It is SO important to not get stuck in the mud with “this is who I am” but instead say I am this way and it’s okay-there is always room to improve/change! Everyone is different and that is the beauty of life. 

Side note** Some people make view certain types more positively but that is their own opinion. They are looking at it from their own 4-letter combo way so it’s not necessarily how everyone else thinks. All 16 combos are perfectly legitimate and awesome in their own ways! Sure I maybe would rather be more extroverted but oh well! Just not me, and I am totally fine with that. There is a time and a place for each characteristic and we all will find where we fit! I personally loved finding out more about myself and felt the MBTI really helped me identify pieces of me I had not yet put into words. 

Live. Love. Laugh! Try not to over think it to much! We only have so much time… ❤