Transformational Leadership Model

For me, the go to Social Change Model would have to be the Transformational Leadership Model. My favorite thing about this model is that it brings change by focusing on all the individuals instead of just the team as a whole. It reiterates how important it is not to rush through things but instead take the time to get to know teammates and encourage them to be the best they can be. It requires the leader to take on a his/her role in a very personal way. In the long run the time it takes to get to know the team is most likely made up for in the end result.  

I believe that this is a type of leadership model that can be used on a regular basis. That is important because leadership is/should be more of a daily thing. It doesn’t have to be the leader of the group per se, it just needs groups as a whole recognizing the benefits of getting to know one another and lifting one another up. 


I picked this picture because it shows each individual as a piece of the puzzle. It shows that the pieces have to fit together. They are all on equal ground and working together to make a finish outcome that is more then just their one piece on its own. 



Who I am.

My full name is Kayla Loring Wells, but I don’t really like the Loring part so I usually leave that out. I was born March 10th, 1994. I am a biology major with an emphasis in ecology and evolution. I love nature, dancing, and trying new things. I am from a very small town in Massachusetts. I have two older sisters and the best parents ever!  I love SCU but it definitely can be hard when everyone you love is back east. I have the cutest pups named Tarzan & Luna, whom I miss tremendously. However when I wake up in this beautiful place, walk outside and feel the sun shinning and see the flowers constantly in bloom I know I am exactly where I am supposed to be.

You may wonder how I ended up at Santa Clara, but is it really that big of a mystery?! It’s beautiful, the people are super friendly, and I actually have tons of family nearby. My dad was born and raised in Cali so his whole side of the family is out here. One of my favorite things to do on the weekends is to go on motorcycle rides with my dad up to the mountains, along the coast, and any other beautiful places my dad shows me. Honestly, if I could skip over all this school stuff and still be successful I would totally do it. I would so much rather be out in the field already exploring and just enjoying life. BUT that would totally be the easy way out.

So for now I will be reading my textbooks, writing blogs, and going crazy from all my homework. Thanks for taking the time to get to know me a little better =]

❤ Kayla