Group Development

Video Clip 1 represents the norming stage. The team members (Channing Tatum especially =] ) really step up and work together in order not to loose one of their team members. There is a clear sense of teamwork and solidarity. Definitely seems like they’re all in it together even if maybe before they weren’t.

Video Clip 2 represents the adjourning stage. Goals are accomplished and the de-forming of the group begins. Although there wasn’t any negativity I think it is still an accurate depiction of adjourning/separation of a group.

Video Clip 3 represents storming because the two team members are clearly in conflict. This clip shows the struggle to work together and is filled with hostility.

Video Clip 4 shows the group performing to save Nemo! They show great teamwork and cohesion by thinking/acting fast.

So the missing step is forming. This video shows Lindsey Lohan in meangirls getting “initiated” and being told the social norms for the group. She seems pretty nervous because she doesn’t really feel like she fits in. 

My clip shows the


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