Communication is key.

Every situation is different but the key to success is good communication. If there isn’t good communication, the end result will suffer. Many brilliant minds have horrible communication and in turn their ideas are not always shared/communicated in the intended way. From day one of elementary school we are taught to voice our opinions, our feelings, ect. However it is harder for some then others. The area few key ideas that should be followed…

Advice for communicating to groups and individuals:

1. LISTEN-The most important thing is to listen to every individual and hear them out weather in a group or not. If you don’t hear people out there is no way they will hear you out when the time comes and all sense of communication and respect with be lost.

2. Accept disagreement. It is okay to disagree!!! There’s no point in wasting time arguing. Simply agree to disagree and move on from there. 

3 . Be open-don’t hold back. Create a comfortable environment and let the conversation flow. Be respectful- even the smallest ideas can lead to something big. 

Addition advice for communication with individuals

1.Put yourself in their shoes, and see where they’re coming from. It is difficult at times to see the value in others ideas or put them into proper context. You must think about where their coming from and why they are suggesting what they are. 

2. Empathize, but be critical when necessary. Yes a leader needs to be kind and understanding but in order to receive respect, at times a leader must be brutally honest. To be critical you don’t have to be mean but it is crucial you don’t fear confrontation. Certain things must be pointed out and addressed. 

Additional advice for communicating with group:

1. Make sure everyone is heard. There must be some system of negotiations. Yes we have graduated from raising hands but the same principal applies. 

2. Think of the end goal and agree on it. If your not all on the same page then everyone will have their own direction and communications will lose context.


4 thoughts on “Communication is key.

  1. Ah! Yes! I love your point of accepting disagreement. It is so hard to agree to disagree, but sometimes that is the only solution to be able to move on. I have a hard time with this when it comes to political stances. I am quite liberal and I have a hard time accepting when people who disagree with me. I am working on it!

    • yay I love liberals! woot woot lol I definitely don’t understand how people can be so conservative-sometimes I just have to bite my tongue especially at this school I have found a lot of people that don’t support Obama

  2. Great points! You really know how to get your message across!! I completely agree with everything you said. I especially like how you organized your points… I think it was very effective in getting your points across and if makes it easy to read and follow.

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