This I believe


What I love about Oscar Hammerstein is he encourages happiness. My mom always says to me “that every person has the ability and the right to be happy.” I have to learn to let the little things and be happy. I love that Hammerstein is talking about an abstract concept (emotion) and making it an action. He believes men should say when they are happy. Sometimes I myself want to scream out how happy I am. 

Hammerstein acknowledges that there are bad days and dark times. Sometimes I can relate to those who want to give up at times and feel like there is more bad then good. However, I have learned that that doesn’t help in the slightest bit if we admit defeat. I am one of those people that knows that in order to see the light in things we have to experience the dark. That is a very hard concept to grasp at times but I think he does a great job showing what it means to be optimistic, something I pride myself on being. He also comes at it from an internal point of view. How it starts in recognizing out own flaws and being okay with them and how that translates to the larger idea. He inspires me not only to be a better writer but also to be optimistic and be confident and see the light within all the darkness of life. “No one said it would be easy”


I believe in saving the world by saving nature. 

My belief is the world I live in is quickly being destroyed and the only way to save it involves determination, activism, radicalism, and perseverance. 

All my life I have loved nature, seen it as something very very special. I have been taught to love and thank the land for its offerings and importance. I have been taught to recognize how life revolves around the quality of the air we breath, the food we eat, and the water we drink. I thank my parents and all my teachers for showing me the value of the land. Unfortunately that land is being slowly destroyed. Every carbon emission, every pollutant, and every sliver of ignorance will destroy life as we know it.

I believe that sometimes we are blind. Sometimes I fail to do my part. Ignorance is most definitely bliss. It is so easy to just live life in all its amenities without thinking of the consequences. But my generation can’t do this anymore!!! It is blatantly obvious that we have already waited too long. Glaciers are melting, tornadoes more frequent, and storms of all types much more severe then ever before. It is wrong to deny that things are not getting worse. The signs of climate change are opening my eyes, all of our eyes. I know no good will come of ignoring the situation.  I am so blessed to live in such a beautiful world. The sun, the moon, and the earth all in perfect alignment. I must protect this harmony we call life.

I have to change. We have to change. It is very hard to accept that we may not fix the problems until it is too late. I believe we have a duty to educate all, and promote protection of resources, protection of other species, and honor the overall duty to protect this world for future generations to come. They need me to act now. They need others like me dedicated to the cause. I know I am not alone in these efforts but I must say that I wish there was more. I wish there were more people who took their material blinders off and looked deeper. I wish we were not destroying the essentials of my livelihoods. There are many injustices, wrongs to be righted, and other things that need fixing. We must be dedicated, we must be responsible, we must think ahead. I believe we can do it. 

I believe one person can make a difference. It is never to late, and there is no better time. There is no excuse not to act now. Yes, it seems like a huge task at hand and the starting place unknown but as long as we start somewhere-we can’t go wrong! I believe we must start now. Step by step, little by little we must act. 



4 thoughts on “This I believe

  1. YAY! I believe one person can make a difference too! 😀 Awesome post. I adore nature too and especially trees. We have such beautiful and diverse trees on this campus. It’s great how eco friendly SCU is right?! I love it! You’re right, positivity is so important. I really appreciate your optimism. Optimistic people make me happy 😀

  2. One of my core beliefs and values is to always optimistic. I think that if you live life not being open to seeing the world in different ways then you aren’t really living at all. I love the connections you personally made with the essay you chose. Yes, no one ever did say it would be easy, and it definitely isn’t.
    Ignorance is a big part of society these days. It is said to see how the earth and nature are slowly being destroyed and yes, there are people who are taking action to save it, but not enough people are. It is a scary and real thing that is happening and I agree that we do need to change! We can’t live happy, healthy lives if the world we live in is not happy or healthy.

  3. I think with something this big and important the first key, and you hit upon this, is that people need to understand it and be aware of what is going on. Once that happens change can start. There are great things that will come once people understand that this is the only earth that we get and that we need to treat it with respect. I completely agree with what you ended with because every great movement started with one (or few people) noticing injustice or evil and deciding to something about it. And the way to start is to take the little steps.

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